Cardi’s Anatomy

reprinted by friendly allowance of CARDIGAN COMMENTARY INTERNATIONAL

This  skeleton is drawn by Bea Quinio from  several X-rays provided by
Charlie MacInnes   through the kind assistance of
Dr. Michelle Travers DVM, Claremont Veterinary Services.This is what a Cardi looks like.
1.  shoulder blade / scapula
2.  point of shoulder / shoulder joint
3.  prosternum
4.  upper arm / humerus
5.  radius / ulna
6.  elbow
7.  ribs / ribcage
8.  pastern
9.  pelvis

10.  tail set
11.  upper thigh / femur
12.  knee / stifle joint
13.   lower or secondary thigh / fibula/tibia
14.  hock joint

15.  rear pastern / length of hocks

Measuring points for the body:
Length:   From prosternum to ischium / buttock point
Hight:      From highest point of withers to the ground.


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