PRA: Breeding between Loss of Gen Pool and Reflection

In the late 60ties of the last century, English and Australian Welsh Corgi Cardigan breeders had to recognize that PRA is an inherited illness.
Hitting the rock bottom further breeding seemed to be more and more senseless as many more Welsh Corgi Cardigans got blind. Several lines already died off, because no one had a recipe to avoid PRA. Like always breeders started to suspect and accused each other. But then fans and enthousiasts of the breed took action in fighting PRA. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan was one of the oldest breeds in England and worth to be saced from exstinction. They took all ill Cardigans out of breeding. That gave them the feeling on being on the road to success. The number of blind dogs went to nil.
As the breed had been exported in all times to other countries, it came as a skock, that new cases occured. People had to recognize that PRAwas obviously passes on by two carriers, who were accidently mated together. But how should they recognize these? That was impossible. The loss of precious lines went on. The number of carriers could only be esteemed. Never before the total stillstand of the breed was so near.
In the meantime it was 1980 and beginning of 1990 when the University of Cambridge developed a first PRA test for Irish Setters, where breeders had to face the same desperate situation.
Breeders and enthousiasts of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan breed convinced the scientists to produce the next test for their breed. They collected in great numbers the necessary blood samples. A common mutuality developed in fighting this thread to the Welsh Corgi Cardigan.
In the beginning of 1998 the genetical code was finally cracked.
The scientists needed blood samples of every Cardi in order to receive a significant result . This took a lot of effort and was expensive. Nowadays there are tests for oral mucosals which are just as accurate as the blood samples are. Owners are taking more and more advantage of it before they use their Cardigans for breeding. Several kennel clubs are demanding a PRA test result in their breeding orders.And also non breeders want to know, if their dog is free of PRA and not in danger to get blind. Thank to the test PRA has nearly disappeared. Dogs with PRA C (affected)are nearly never to be taken for breeding, which means in consequence that 1/3 of the breed’s significant features disappear for ever. They can never again be passed on.
Some breeders realize which damage the breed will uffer from and they use Cardis with PRA C to PRA A dogs, which means that all resulting puppies will be PRA B – and will never in their life get blind. This way precious inheritance will be saved.
But as if 33.3% of lost inheritance is not already enough, quite many breeders are claiming in advertisements, that they only breed with PRA A dogs. That is the second thirs which will be lost for ever. Which breed can eliminate 2/3 of his characteristics without loosing its type?
It is a shortsighted vanity without any responsible vision to the future of a wonderful breed. If this development will go on, the Wel


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