International links


Welsh Corgi News
Club fuer Britische Huetehunde e.V.
Welsh Corgi Klub for CZ
Welsh Corgi Klubben
Welsh Corgi Club of Estonia
Corgi Club of Finland
Finnish Kennel Club
Corgi Club of France
Netherlands Welsh Corgi Club
Norsk Welsh Corgi Klubb
Corgi Club of Poland
Svenska Corgi Klubben
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Assn (UK)


Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association
Cardigan Commentary International
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America
The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


Australian Cardis Calling
Welsh Corgi Club of NSW (Aust)
Important Dog Magazines
The Canine Chronicle
Deutsches Magazin fuer Welsh Corgi Cardigan Fans & Zuechter
Welsh Corgi Cardigan in Deutsch
WUWC for Welsh Corgis

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