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Estonian Winner 2014

Estonian Winner 2014


Euro Corgi Show 2014

Welcome to Estonia!

20 years of welsh corgis in Estonia │ Euro Corgi Show 2014

31. May 2014 – Tallinn, Estonia

Welsh corgi pembroke – Lesley Chalmers, New Zealand (kennel Merthyr)
Welsh corgi cardigan – Steven Gladstone, USA (kennel Aragorn)

Entry to the show is open until 22nd May 2014. Please read more of conditions from our webpage: http://corgi.ee/specialty2014/

More info here on FB or by e-mail: corgi@corgi.ee

The same weekend INT show Estonian Winner 2014 (qualifing for Crufts 2015)(http://www.kennelliit.ee/est/yritused/naitused/est_w_14_eng.pdf)