Just me and my FAYDOM Cardis

ltuulanteiwendygregory1kiwidododosMy name is Doris Duewel. I have been breeding since the 70ties of the last century. For the first 15 years I kept and bred German Boxers, who already accompanied my childhood. (kennel v.d.Cimbern and Teutonen) But against the end of these years I noticed that the breed, due to inbreeding,  had to fight more and more heart illnesses and hip dysplasia (HD) problems. I was very sad about it, because I had loved Boxers at a very important part of my life.

Looking for a healthy breed with a good temperament and herding instinct, I met a wonderful old Welsh Corgi Cardigan. He happened to stay with me, while his owner was on holiday. It was a quick decision. Never again another breed!

This was the start of a never ending love to my Cardis and many lovable puppies  with new friends.
After long weeks of Koma because of an illness, which normally only affects dogs, I got Multiple Sklerose.I wasted much too much time without Cardi puppies. Nowadays I am surrounded by three Cardis, much adored, brindle  “Geestland Silent Song”, called PENNY,” z Domu Polanki Pulque”, alias my sable boy RULLE and young “Beryllos Way to Faydom”, brindle CIDER who is unfortunately  a cryptorchid. My heart was broken, when I decided by ratio, to give CIDER a new family. He came to his sister and three children’ home and very nice parents.
Bought  as a show dog he is now enjoying his life as a pet.
My wish to breed again became stronger and stronger. In the end “Geestland’s Koal Dust”, a pretty black brindle puppy moved in..

My life with my three tender Cardis in the wonderful nature of Finland is “Heaven on Earth”!
My kennel name for Welsh Corgi Cardigans  was in the beginning nationally protected and unfortunately extremely similar to copy. Afterwards the international protection for kennel names was established and I decided for “Faydom”.My sable and so much loved bitch  “Jezalin Fairy Fox”, called FAY gave the name for my kennel. If there is a wisdom, then FAYDOM is the improved form of it!. She was and will always be  the one and only doggy darling for me.
Doris Duewel
Komi, Finland


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