How to take a perfect photo of my dog

First I need a calm background, like a, uni-colored blue sky or beige sand f.ex. It is important not to have a pattern like big leaves in the background. They will “swallow the dog”.
Direct the focus of your camera  to dog’s back or the face, if you want to stress it. Showing a Corgi means, that the photographer has to lie on the earth.
You will need another person for making the dog to stand in a perfect show position. Your dog is standing in a 90 degree angle absolutely straight in front of the photographer, preferably without a collar and leach. Now the helper will attract the dog with titbits from a bag around his waist. This is the right height for the dog to keep his head.Take the photo, when the dog is full of tension, straightens all his muscels to reach the titbits. Look to the erected ears and the tail in a perfect down position.
Tips and tricks
If the underground is grass, look that the lawn is short and the feet can be seen clearly. Long grass makes suspicious, you might want to hide, that the dog is too high.
Is the underground a bit uneven, place the dog up with his front legs. The hind legs can be, nearly invisible, a bit more down. Never place the hind legs higher than the front legs. The front will look upright and the upper arm short. Look at the background where the dog is standing, there might show the horizon line or any street line. That shows you, if the dog is standing with the head towards up or down.
The dog will show more nobility, if the photographer is shooting pics even out of a deeper position, like a dry water run.
Is the upper line not perfect, stretch the lower hind legs a bit, but without making him look straight behind. The angulation should not disappear by too much stretching.
Now you know the little tricks to show your dog in all his beauty. But always remember, the others know them too.


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