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What to Do With Floppy Ears

cardiganwelshcorgi_pazoltIt seldom happens, but sometimes  Corgi ears do not stand upright by itself. The so called floppy ears must be taped. The longer a floppy ear is not taped, the  bigger the danger, that the so called  ear develops half way-up a fold, Do not wait too long.

This is my technique to tape ears in order to get them up. If this is consequently followed, both puppy ears will be correctly up.

Buy 3 cm broad leucoplast from Bayer. Cut a ca. 25 cm long piece and place it, until you need it. Start with the left ear. Consider the ear as a triangle and start from the right bottom. Stick the plaster stripe about 1.5 cm in the INSIDE of the ear.Then turn the plaster outside to the other side by pulling it gently. Go on till you reach the beginning. Now the ear should look like a triangle bag.
Now you do the same with the other ear. Start again on the inside of the right ear, lead the plaster around the outside under slight pulling and end up in front on the inside. Both ears must look with the opening side correctly in front.
Now you prepare again two leucoplast stripes about the length from ear to ear plus 1.5 cm. Stick one stripe at the bottom of the one ear to the bottom of the next ear. Do the same from the outside and press these stripes together. Now it looks, as if the dog has a crown.
Leave it some days, ca. 4 days, if it is not too warm and smelly. Then takes it off. That is not nice for the dog, I know, but cannot be avoided. Do not take fat, because the next plaster will not stay. Immediately after removing make the whole procedure again. After you have done it about 3 times, leave the standing ear for a day, but after that it must be plastered again.Now you must develop a bit of a feeling for the ears.
Find out, how long the ears are standing upright. As soon as they start to flop, tape them again for three/four days. Sometimes you have to repeat it more often, but usually the ears are now strong enough to stay upright.