Handler was responsible for 12 dogs, who died of heatstroke in his overheated car

There should be a clear punishment by FCI for a handler or owner who let dogs die in a hot, overheated car.Instead of it, this man is going to judge Junior handlers this same summer here.. What an example for young dogloving girls and boys! Especially as it did not happen the first time – altogether more than 20 dogs, who were not his own ones.

Indie Picasso

Indie Picasso Shocking!!!! Is this the final to choose the Junion Handler of the year to represent their countrey in Crufts 2017?


Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson Crazy he has been allowed to have anything to do with dogs. Especially as i gather from post this is not a one off mistake


Ken Goebel

Ken Goebel Have not heard the story yet-what happened


Doris Margret Duewel The (long term) Italian handler left a number of dogs of different breeds in a car in sunshine. When he came back, all except one were dead. And this happened earlier to him.


Anni Salminen

Anni Salminen Disgusting !!


Anni Salminen

Anni Salminen Perhaps showorganizer could replace him? It would be clear message for him – unacceptable behaviour will be punished.


Doris Margret Duewel replied · 1 Reply
Margaret Korsakova

Margaret Korsakova Doris, sorry, but you describe wrong this terrific situation with Italian dogs and well-known handler. He has never left this pure dogs in the hot car. That was special car for traveling with dogs for long distance with air condition system, that worksSee more


Doris Margret Duewel

Doris Margret Duewel Margaret, I am in dogs since fifty years and never happened that to me before. Even, if this handler had all machines nicely working, it would have been his HUMAN DUTY to be with his dogs. Especially as they were not his own ones. If your description wSee more


Rebecca Jamieson

Rebecca Jamieson When this incident occurred I’m pretty sure they were doing an investigation as to why the dogs had died, some believed there had been foul play at hand. I am sure this gentleman had been cleared of any wrong doing.


Doris Margret Duewel

Doris Margret Duewel I am waiting, that FCI is clearing this accident, as there is no doubt of the death of a big number of dogs because of heatstroke. These were dogs given into the custody of this Italian handler by their owners.


Doris Margret Duewel

Doris Margret Duewel Authorities have stated after investigation, that all dogs died of heatstroke and insufficient oxygen reply. This is THE OFFICIAL RESULT!


Doris Margret Duewel
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